Software Development Career: The Good and the Bad

Should you take up a career in software development? The industry is growing fast but there are pros and cons about working in this field.

What to Expect

If you don’t have any experience as a developer but you want to pursue a career in this industry, you have a big advantage. You will have no prejudice as to this course and there are many institutions with excellent programs in this field.

Unfortunately, the competition in this field is quite intense. Software development projects are often outsourced to other countries since the labor costs are lower. This is a huge challenge for new graduates in the field since your competition comes from countries all over the world not just in the United States.

Software development is also a dynamic field and there are changes all the time. There is a trend which is slowly growing towards making programmers unnecessary. It will take time before these professionals would no longer be needed but it would eventually happen. However, this doesn’t mean you have to give up on taking a course in software development. This means you need to challenge yourself to learn more than the regular graduate.

Overcoming Industrial Challenges

One way to make this happen is by striving to be a software engineer rather than settle for being just a programmer. Many foreign workers have been hired to work in many U.S. companies because they had all the skills a software engineer possessed. In fact, these people hired in lieu of local workers because of their competencies.

For those who are convinced that being a software developer is their intended pathway, it’s also crucial to start early. Gaining skills in programming even before you start school could give you a better idea if you are cut out for the field. Start with simple apps and do the process all by yourself. You can look for tutorials on the web on how to do this. You can also try modifying an open source project. Tweaking with open source codes could be a useful learning experience. It’s also worthwhile to volunteer in an organization where you can practice and get some experience which could look good on your resume.

It’s also possible for you to take a Masters in software development if you want to dedicate time to learning everything you can about this field. Due to how competitive the industry has become in the past few years, your goal should be to stand out.

Your competition is not just your classmates or other people in the locality, think about how outsourcing changed things. It would also be helpful if you gain valuable experience while you are in school through part-time jobs and internships.

If you want to have a high paying job as a software developer, your goal should be to become a software engineer. This career path happens to be one of the most challenging but in terms of salary and career advancement, this also pays well. To find success in the tech industry, you can’t just rely on your determination. You need to work hard, learn the latest trends, and earn the necessary experience to give you a leg up once you go job hunting.


Top Online Post-Graduate Degrees for Young Professionals

Today’s marketplace is different than that of the last decade. Until the last few years, a bachelor’s degree was more than enough to make you stand out from the competition. However, in today’s fiercely competitive market, a bachelor’s degree is hardly ever enough. For many young working professionals, going back to school to earn an advanced degree is simply not feasible. Leaving their jobs to pursue a full-time degree is usually results in financial hardships and difficulty cramming it into their current busy schedules.

In today’s digital world, getting a degree is no longer restricted to a specific location. Online bachelor degrees allow young professionals worldwide to complete their degrees from wherever they like, at the pace that fits their schedules. The online option is even available for post-graduate degrees. Below are some of the best online post-graduate degrees in terms of job prospects and reputation.

  1. Online Doctor of Education – Higher Education Leadership (Maryville University)

Maryville’s doctorate in education online is a leadership-focused degree for education professionals. The degree promotes strategic high-level decision making essential for a successful career in the higher education sector. Although people who complete this degree can teach, it is most effective outside the classroom. Managerial positions in the higher education sector can give you vast influence to accomplish many great things.  In addition to having the opportunity to impact young people’s lives, careers in the higher education sector can be quite lucrative. According to, a Chief Academic Officer has a median annual salary of $215,347.

Even though there are plenty of other degrees related to higher education, Maryville University’s program really stands out. The program can be completed over a 32-month period. Compared to similar degrees, this can save students 1-3 years. Even though the degree is research-based, the conducted research is based on practical experience, giving graduates an edge in the field.

  1. Online Master of Science in Nursing (Maryville University)

With an aging population and a rising number of senior citizens, healthcare professions are in high demand. Nurse practitioners are some of the most sought-after healthcare professionals. This program can be completed over two terms, with all the courses 100% online and five different concentrations to from which to choose.  The program has no required residency and clinicals can all be completed locally, making the Maryville University Master of Science in Nursing worth considering.