It seems undeniable that Apple is leading the smartphone industry. If you decide to change something (regardless of the sales volume), will other manufacturers follow you one by one? Because it’s going to become a trend in the industry.
I removed the earphone terminal, introduced a notch, and now I don’t give Apple 법인폰 필요서류charger. Since the launch of the iPhone 12 series비영리단체 법인폰개통 in 2020, chargers have been excluded from the basic components. It is indeed a way to reduce carbon and is environmentally friendly, but it is undeniable that the economic burden will increase as much from an individual’s point of view.
The good thing is that they give me C to Lightning cable. Thank you Apple; As things go on like this, in the future, you can say, “Just charge wirelessly.” Instead of changing the wired port to type C, it can eliminate the lightning port itself.

In particular, the design is very pretty and unique in a way that crosses the top and bottom. It’s also sensual. Apple lovers! Especially those who love Apple 국가기관 법인 핸드폰 개통! That’s why I recommend iPhone high-speed chargers.
“When using 20W or larger adapter, charge up to 50% in about 30 minutes (adapter sold separately)”
Occasionally, some communities may see reviews of charging the iPhone 13 PRO to more than 25W. Apple officially emphasizes that an adapter over 20W shows sufficient efficiency, so this product will have perfect usability. Sufficient charging efficiency, small, pretty, and cheap.
I was really worried. It’s this small. Can it be 20W? I’d like to. I tested it with the basic components of the iPhone 13PRO C to Lightning cable. Here’s the result.
9.10V x 2.15A = 19.56W. And these numbers remain largely unchanged. The actual measurement is 19.56W, so it is the same specification as Apple’s official 20W charger.
Ultra-small mini-size, nonetheless, it is safe to prevent overheating, overvoltage, overcurrent, overcharge protection, and short-circuit prevention.
The Apple C-type high-speed charger, which is a five-shareholder, has never, ever. At home, at the office, and on the way to travel. I think it’s a perfect product for storing everything. I don’t mind the price.