​Galaxy Z Flip 3 법인폰

On the other hand, there are only two things that are regrettable that they did not fill 100%. Anyway, it’s a relatively short battery time and occasional stuttering. So I can recommend the Galaxy Jet Flip 3 to these people.

1. I want to use a법인핸드폰개통

2. Design and portability are more important than performance.

The price of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is 1,254,000 won based on the factory price, and it is sold in the late 1.1 million won range in the open market. It’s much lower than the previous work, but it’s also true that it’s burdensome to scream willingly. Thanks to the recent launch of S22, the number of public subsidies has been increasing, and the installment principal has been formed to around 200,000 won based on number transfer or using a specific rate plan.

I will introduce the three points of the Galaxy Jetflip 3, which I am most satisfied with, two slightly disappointing things, and the purchase route of installments worth 200,000 won.

Trendy design.

It’s simply a folding method, so I don’t think it’s just because it becomes that compact. The killing point of the design that became more attractive the more you use it is the “two-tone color match.”

Samsung has been a big success with Bespoke appliances, and it is the best example of a hit by applying it to smartphones. Each color itself has a very pretty color, and it combines with the black high-grocery color of the cover display to complete a trendy design that is rare on sk법인폰.

At the same time, we have launched a large number of custom cases aimed properly at the MZ generation. I also have some cases that I received as gifts when I first purchased and some products for review. It’s quite fun to use while changing phone cases.

Generation M was nostalgic, and Generation Z presented the usability of smartphones as a new trend. In the end, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 has upgraded the old popular “Phone Kku” back to the surface and has become the top contributor to greatly shifting the 법인핸드폰 purchase standard, which was focused on function and performance, to “design.”

It has become a cultural trend, and Samsung has also released custom cases at the same time in the recently released Galaxy S22, continuing the 법인휴대폰 decoration trend.


Using multiple apps at the same time, not ‘at the same time, but using multiple apps continuously. These usabilities are called 법인폰 multitasking. The Galaxy Jetflip 3 only meets one. The usability I’m introducing today as the main focus is electrons (using several at the same time).

Compare the proportion with iPhone 13 Pro.

The Galaxy Jetflip 3 display is 6.7 inches and has a 22:9 ratio. (resolution 2640×1080) It’s a bit unique, right? The Galaxy S21 is 20:9, and the iPhone 13 is 19.5:9. On the other hand, Flip 3 is a form factor that extends vertically, that is, up and down longer. So it’s a great structure to use two apps at the same time.

It’s disadvantageous because there are much more letterbox areas on the left and right when you put it horizontally and watch videos. On the contrary, when using vertically like this, it is an optimized structure for sharing apps up and down. YouTube videos are playing at the top of the screen. Underneath it, Kakao Talk is placed and used. Such a long vertical display that is not enough to be used at the same time gives unexpected usability.

Samsung has been emphasizing multitasking for a long time. If you need to use a keyboard during multitasking, adjust the screen ratio for a while and pop up the keyboard. You can adjust the size of each app by dragging the centerline, change the location of the top and bottom apps by touching the buttons on the dividing line, or tie up two apps and fix them so that they can run immediately at any time.

You can use the pop-up screen along with the split-screen, but in fact, it’s a little uncomfortable up to that point. Objectively, the display is not big.

If you want to use multitasking more usefully, make sure to install Good Lock and use it. If you customize well, a new world will unfold.

It’s inconvenient to watch videos because the left and right letterboxes on the screen are large, but rather, it’s so convenient to use two apps at the same time on a split-screen.

However, in situations where multiple apps continue to run, shut down, run, and shut down, app refresh sometimes occurs. I try to transfer money, but I look at the account number and go back and forth, and suddenly the bank app starts anew.

We shared the review of the Galaxy Jetflip 3 by dividing it into three points: design, multitasking, and camera. As mentioned above, all three telecommunication companies can purchase it in installments of about 200,000 won.