Hello. Skt, kt, and LG U+, which are commonly used carriers, have a wide variety of plans, including 5g, lte, and age-specific plans. It may not be easy to choose the right plan for each plan because the basic benefits provided for each plan are different and the existence of contract discounts or combined discounts is different for each plan. Recently, the SKT Direct Shop exclusive plan was released as an intact plan, and at first glance, it looks very cheap and good, but it’s not an advantageous plan for all customers, so you may have to think carefully before signing up, so I’ll tell you the advantages and disadvantages of the SKT 5g intact plan.
In the case of the skt contract plan, you can’t sign up at a general agency or store, and you can sign up when you sign up for a 법인업무용 핸드폰 or change your kt법인폰 through the skt direct shop. You can easily purchase or change your device at home without visiting the store, making it easy to sign up for the plan! In addition, the fare is very cheap compared to the general 5g or lte plan, so many people must have noticed it with interest. The price itself seems cheap, but if you subscribe to the skt 5g untact plan, you will not be able to receive a family combination discount because you will not be able to subscribe to combined products such as family combinations. Therefore, for those who have previously been receiving discounts through family combinations, it may vary depending on the combined product because there is no duplicate discount, but for most people receiving combined benefits, the contact plan may not be advantageous.

And because the sk intact plan is a plan that cannot receive a separate contract discount, it looks much cheaper than the existing 5g or lte plan, but there is no significant difference compared to the 25% discount on the optional contract.

Comparing the existing rate plan and the rate, the difference is large when there is no agreement, but there is no significant difference in the monthly rate when the agreement is applied to the existing rate plan. In addition, these days, most people use it with their families or the Internet for additional discounts, so in this case, it would be advantageous to get an agreement discount on the existing plan rather than the intact plan.
If the contract discount is applied to the existing plan, the difference between the sk lte intact plan and the rate will not be significant.
Therefore, considering the advantages and disadvantages of the intact plan, it is easy to sign up online and there is no separate contract period, and the disadvantages are that there is no overlapping discount with device disclosure support, rate discount, and family combination discount.
Therefore, the SK 5g untact plan may be more advantageous for those who are using it without a family or Internet combination, but for those who are not, it would be more advantageous to get an agreement discount on the existing plan and a family combination discount. In addition, those who are in a family union are more likely to maintain업무용알뜰폰 in the future, so even if you sign up for the agreement, there is no penalty for changes, so you don’t have to feel much pressure on the agreement. Before signing up for the sky intact plan, take a closer look at the benefits I’m getting and choose which plan will be more advantageous.