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공용휴대전화 Apple’s new macOS Monterrey official update, which was released through WWDC, is here. I was already using it through beta updates Many of you have been waiting for the official macOS update considering the stability, right?

Last year, there was a big change in design, and this year, Monterrey had many expected features such as practical usability and universal play. It’s a shame that the universal control function is not updated yet, but we expect it to be updated sometime this year and we can say that cute functions such as safari and face time have been added.


I’m sure some of you are worried because it’s just been officially updated, but personally, even if it’s updated right away, there are more benefits in usability.

If you are curious about the updated macOS function, please refer to the update review that you used. (I am currently in the 12.0.1 version.)
▶ Apple MacOS Monterrey Update Review! What changed from safari to face time?

The update method is the same as always. A software update from your system preferences will enable the latest Mac updates. macOS is now available with updates from MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, and Mac Mini.


In particular, Apple recently reported the news of Apple TV Plus, and I think the charm of Apple TV will be different from the big screens such as MacBook Pro and iMac and speakers on MacBook Pro. You can meet the contents through the Apple TV app right away.

In fact, I’ve been using it for about three to four months after updating it, and I can easily mirror the screen of the iPhone on the Mac, and I can listen to music on the high-quality speakers of the iPhone or MacBook Pro. The AirPlay to Mac feature is much more flexible.

Also, you can easily use the quick memo function, which is quite useful on the iPad, and on the MacBook Pro, but if you lower the cursor on the bottom right, a memo window opens to make notes easier.

The update of the safari function is also the biggest part of this MacOS update, and I personally think safari has advantages and disadvantages. It takes some time to get used to it, but Apple changed the interface to increase immersion and unity through a wider screen, which was uncomfortable with the narrow safari tab and the inclusion of address links in the first version. In this update, as before, there is an address bar at the top, it becomes an individual tab, and you can use the tab group at once by floating the site you want.

Tap groups can be quite useful depending on how you use them, and you can easily share them by project and content, or face the sites you need. It’s been upgraded from Favorites.

In addition, spatial sound is applied to Macs equipped with M1 chips, so you can use Netflix spatial sound. The abbreviation functionality is now available. Another advantage is that you can reduce unnecessary notifications while using it compatibly with iPads and iPhones through concentrated mode.

In addition, low-power mode has been added, which allows you to use low-power mode when you need to increase the battery time of the MacBook Pro a little bit. First of all, I’ve been using MacBook Pro for several months, and I’ve been using it after updating it. Although there was a small error, even considering the inconvenience, I am using the new experience I felt while using the latest OS, so there is no need to hurry it may depend on the app I am using, but I think it will be okay to update it right away. Mac updates continue.