kt스카이라이프인터넷 가입센터

Hello, I’m Tech influencer Mute. After receiving the second generation of the recently released AirPods Pro, I’m listening. There are definitely more advantages than before, so I’d like to give you an honest review of the use. If you are considering purchasing it, please read the posting carefully today. KT알뜰폰

I finally received the delivery. October 21st is the day when it was blacked out in Korea. After buying 케이티스카이라이프 가입 quickly, I continue to use it. In fact, the AirPods series has been used every time it was released. However, this series was especially worrisome. Because the price range is too high.

The price of Korean hair is 359,000 won, almost the same as or more expensive than the Dviale Gemini, Bauer & Wilkins PI7, Sony WF-1000XM4, and Sennheiser Momentum series. I was worried that Apple would show a reasonable sound that fits the price compared to the famous sound price.

To be honest, it is hard to say that Apple’s sound technology is not very good. Although it acquired Beats, it is well-received for its special technology, such as noise canceling and ambient sound permission, rather than for its sound quality. In other words, considering the price, it was difficult to say that the sound quality was excellent.

Then how about this model kt스카이라이프 tv ? Philadelphia seems to be able to evaluate the better because of music related to music. In particular, it is difficult to inform you about sound. Of course, if you ask, the sound, of course, the sound, of course, there is no answer.

Design for Outstanding


This series was equipped with many tools for external activities such as outdoor activities, and Trekking. The same Apple watch Woollim Series is also the same. The form pack of this product pack is almost no different between the first generation and the difference. In other words, it is changed to add a designated factor.

If you look at the right side of the airwave program, there are two holes. You can use strings on this space as a LAN roof port. Therefore, it can’t lose when you work in your bag or hiking, hiking, hiking, hiking, hiking, hiking, hiking. (Not basic enclosed)

kt스카이라이프인터넷 가입센터

a sound that has grown further

In addition, the speaker port has been newly created. I’ll give you a supplementary explanation, but it was much easier to find the device. As such, there is no difference between previous works, but there are factors that have changed to performance only for performance. Personally, I like a long-term roof part.

Then this time, it’s the long-awaited sound. From the results, the sound feels much more organized than before. In fact, Apple is famous for its low-bandwidth boost, but rather, in the kernel type, it felt like it was intentionally shortened. Therefore, AirPods 3 felt better in expression from openness to low history.

But the new Pro kt스카이라이프 인터넷 is definitely more refined. The low bandwidth sounds dynamic while maintaining that it is not excessive. In particular, if the low part felt like a mono before, the sense of distinction between the low part and musical instruments has become quite clear now. It’s still a flat sound, but overall it’s clearer and more detailed

In fact, if you look at the target graph of the AirPods Pro series, it is slightly changed. The ultra-low and low ranges are rather higher in the new model, and the target of Series 1, which stood out in the 20K section, has improved significantly. Overall, it shows a flat graph tendency, so it feels flat and calm.

It has a different tendency from other brands such as Galaxy Buds, Sony, and Boss. For those who expected a solid low-pitched and colorful sound, the tendency of the second generation of AirPods Pro may be somewhat boring. However, with the introduction of the adaptive equalizer and the support of spatial sound and lossless sound sources, it exhibits a much more delicate tendency.

It may be boring to compare without EQ, but Apple is overcoming it through its own technology. Unless you have very delicate ears, it’s a very satisfying sound. And if you’re very sensitive in the first place, you wouldn’t use Bluetooth earphones.

I will use MMCX in-ear type based on DAC. If it’s not that sensitive, I think it will give you enough sound. Like the previous model, the fit is a breathable design and isolation method that allows hearing without pressure. To be honest, although it is difficult to say that it is 350,000 won, considering Apple’s compatibility, I think it is compliant.

More Compatibility, Features

Technology is the reason why it is difficult for people who are sensitive to sound quality to leave AirPods. First of all, noise canceling has already been verified in Pro1, and this series is said to be twice as good. (Of course, not twice as much as it feels.) It has good noise-blocking performance compared to headphones.

Previously, if you feel a little bit of pressure and forcefully offset the frequency range of noise, this second generation of AirPods Pro is more natural. The tuning itself shows good blocking power without changing. The high note still feels open, which seems to be an element of the sense of openness of sound. When music is played, almost all sounds in the audible frequency range are blocked.

The transference mode is also good. In the case of the Galaxy, there is a disadvantage in that a bursting sound is formed when the outside wind blows, and Apple switches to an open form without any impact. It has an open sound as good as the Sony Linkbirds series, so you can feel both open and closed.

In addition, new features are also eye-catching. The biggest factor is location tracking. In fact, due to the nature of domestic map-related laws, guidance services are not provided to companies in other countries. Therefore, location tracking is not possible in Korea.

However, in this series, you can use the sound-finding function while installing speakers outside. In addition, it turns on and pairs quickly as soon as you wear it with a skin detection sensor. I personally think it is essential for Apple users because it is incompatible with the iPhone compatibility.

Like this, we looked into the 22nd generation of AirPods Pro today. Pre-orders are currently continuing, and events are underway. If you purchase through the link below, you will receive up to a 4% basic discount and a 4% additional card DC. In addition, it is an authorized reseller and supports up to the same A/S. It’s sold out quickly because it’s a new Apple product, so I hope you all meet quickly before DC is over.