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These days, sim card POSTPAID smartphone cameras are so good that you can capture the moment wherever you go. So I’m used to the sight of taking pictures of each person with their cell phone in their hands even when traveling.

In particular, because of the advantage of obtaining real-time GPS information, photos taken with a smartphone also store location information of the location taken.

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Using this function, you can see the location of the photos you took at a glance on the map, especially if you travel frequently, it’s quite easy to manage photos by destination and it’s easy to look for them again later.


Setting the location information for Galaxy photos is also very simple, so you just need to activate the location tag item in the camera app settings. GPS values of location information of the filming location are stored in both photos and videos.

It’s a function that can be used very usefully daily, but it’s often the reason why personal information is exposed. If you are concerned about this because your address may be unintentionally exposed when you share photos taken without thinking on social media or communities, it is recommended to just disable the location tag option in the camera app setting in the first place.

Or if you want to delete the Galaxy location information, you can just leave it on and use it. First, you can see the details by selecting the picture in the gallery and sweeping up the screen. Click > Right Finger to the right of the item where you can see the file name and capacity size path.